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Future Plans

There are a few things that we are excited to make happen and implement in the future of this site. As we grow, we are dedicated to making the following happen:

  1. New, fantastic, helpful content every single day.

    • We are dedicated to making this site the HUB of your self-improvement. We are constantly increasing our writing team to find people with a great message. Whether in article, video, or audio form- everyday, better and better content for you.

  2. Workshops and Meet-ups

    • As our community grows, we have plans to bring our community together in person to share and learn in workshops. There will also be online workshops you can take in a variety of fields.

    • There are also plans for more '“fun-centered” meet-ups to thank all of you for your support and friendship.

  3. Seminars and Retreats

    • We are very excited to get you in front of the most distinguished minds in the self-improvement world. Whether it be in seminars or weekend getaways, these transformational events are guaranteed to change your life.