More than love

“They are my best friend.

They are my support.

They are my biggest ally.

They are my love.”

You will be love

“I do not chase love.

I do not need to.

I will find the love best for me,

and I will be that love for another.”

Impact more than fame

“I do not need the fame.

I do not need the glory.

I just want to make the change,

and recruit more to do it with me.”

No easy way out

“I will not take the easy route.

I will stay focused ahead.

I will continue to grow.

I will continue to thrive.”

Where you are

“I accept my place.

I know where I am.

I know where I need to go.”

Feed your soul

“I feed my soul.

I take care of myself.

I fuel my heart.

I keep my flame alive.”

I am new

“I am now new.

I drop the old me.

I embody who I am now.

This makes me new when I choose.”

Your faith is strong

“I choose to believe.

I keep my faith.

I faith is too strong

to be broken are shaken.”

Letting go

“I let go of who I was.

I move on to something new.

I accept the changes I need to make.

I let go of what does not serve me.”

You are worth it

“I am worth the time.

I am worth the effort.

I will sharpen my saw.

I will be better.”

Change beyond feelings

“I am in the process of change.

My negative feelings are not the truth.

While it may feel like I am falling apart,

I am making room for something better.”

Shape who you are

“I am hard as rock,

so I chisel my character.

I shape it well.

I shape it into something beautiful.”

Be Vulnerable

“I am vulnerable.

I am unafraid to feel pain.

I have been hurt before,

but that won’t close me off again.”

Do not wither away

“I will not decay into nothing.

I will not stagnate to death.

I will work and pushing forward.

I will set my focus ahead.

The past is beautiful

“The past is beautiful.

I cherish the good times, I was able to have them.

I value the bad times.

I was able to surpass them.”

Find your fire

“I break out.

I’m breaking free.

I ignite my fire.

The fire is within me!”

Changing your mind

“I take all information to heart.

I am not blinded by bias.

I am open and ready for the truth.

I will always seek the truth.”

You learn

“I learn everyday.

I grow all my life.

I change on a whim.

I open up my life.”

Make a decision

“I can make the right decision.

I trust myself to do that.

If I make the wrong decision,

I trust myself to make it the right one.”

Help others grow

“If the grass is greener on the other side,

I will water my side more.

I do not need to leave where I am,

I have the ability to better.”

We all change

“I am always changing.

I am not the same person I was.

Each day is a chance to restart.

I am not attached to my past.”

No Failure

“I fail very well.

I learn, grow, and move.

Regret is a waste of time.

I keep my focus on the present and future.”

There is no impossible

“The impossible does not exist.

We defy the impossible every day.

I can defy the impossible.

There is only opportunity.”

Solve problems

“I am a problem solver.

Problems are how I grow.

I do not shy away from problems.

I find problems that take me forward.”

Think well

“My thoughts are well kept.

My thoughts are pure.

My mind is a happy place.

I foster good thoughts within.”

Accept all things

“I let all things come my way.

A accept the good and the bad.

I do not need perfection.

I remain stable in a wavering world.”

To inspire

“I inspire.

I am inspired.

I continue to inspire others.

I continue to inspire myself.”

You are on your own journey

“I am on my own path.

I am only better than who I was.

I don’t need to look at anyone else.

I am further than where I was.”

Change is within you

“The best thing I can change is myself.

The world is not against me.

I do not need the world to change.

I am able enough.”

Happiness through contribution

“I give without expectation.

I need nothing back.

When I give all we can and from the heart,

I find true happiness in our contribution alone. ”

Be your own support

“I am the support I need.

I am my biggest fan.

I am a beautiful human bean.

Everything I want to do, I can.”

Don’t limit your ability

“I love with all my heart.

I listen with focused intention.

I give without expectation.

I dream without any limits.”

To wait. Have Patience

“I can wait.

Great things come with time.

I am patient and optimistic.

I can wait. It will come.”

Sense love

“Love is my new sense.

I see love.

I hear love.

What I take in and what I release into this world is love.”

Do not limit your life

“I do NOT limit my enjoyment of life.

Everything I do, I do with passion.

I do not put myself down for the sake of others.

I let myself shine for the sake of others!”

To support your growth

“I give myself permission to do what is right for me.

I give myself space to grow and learn.

I allow myself to be who I am without judgment.

I listen to my intuition and trust my inner guide.”

You are steady and unwavering

“I am the steady mountain that the waves crash upon.

I am a pillar that supports and uplifts.

I do not let others’ dramas sway me.

I am strong and resolute in my path.”

You are resolute in your decisions

“I am able and ready.

I have the ability to choose.

I stay calm and my decision is steady.

If I trust myself, I cannot lose.”

To fuel your mind. To rise above

“I fuel my mind with what it needs to grow.

I don’t let what gets me down keep me down.

I stand back up.

I stand taller each time.”

To remember who you are

“I shed the shields I use to wear.

I am unafraid to be vulnerable.

I am unafraid to be who I am.

I am the best at being me.”

Give yourself fully

“I will shine.

I will let the best parts of me be known.

I am not afraid to show who I am.

My true self is the best gift that I can give.”

To live in the present, unburdened by the past

“I let go of the past.

I forgive. I accept.

I move forward without burden.

I forgive. I accept.”

Seek to learn. Always be learning

“I seek knowledge everywhere I go.

The information I need is out there.

I seek to grow and learn daily.”

To remember that we shape our destiny

“I am in control of my decisions.

My decisions guide my destiny.

I am the leader of my fate.

I have to power to forge my life differently everyday.”

Remember to be grateful. You have everything

“I am grateful.

I need nothing more.

There is always good, I just have to find it.

There is always bad, I just have to overcome it.”

If you feel a lack of control

“I accept that which is out of my control. 

I command myself to focus on what I can change.

I do not waste time trying to change the inevitable.

I focus on how I react to it.”

A reminder that the best thing we can do for ourselves is to help others

“I command my eyes to seek out opportunities to help;

to find those in need and extent a hand;

to make my skills of use to more than myself,

even if in just a small way.”

For those seeking change

“I embrace change and all that comes with it.

I am a catalyst for positive change is myself and others.

I have the power to change what I can.

I have the will to accept what I can’t. ”

To remember that you are a beacon for all those around you

“Wherever I go, I bring energy.

Whatever I do, I do with vigor.

Whoever I meet is filled with light.

I do not put down. I am an up-lifter.”

For those who forget that mistakes are necessary for success

“Mistakes are a stepping stone to success.

They are the path I must walk to achieve my dreams.

With every mistake comes a new lesson.

With every failure I become stronger.”