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Innermost Daily started with the idea to "enhance the role of self-betterment in the everyday lives of the world."

Innermost Daily was created with the idea to bring self-improvement content creators together so we can grow our careers together. With an industry so separated, we see most every creator isolated in their pursuits. This makes it so hard to turn what we love to do into our full-time career and passion. Great things are build when great people come together. Innermost is here to build a team of value added creators, shakers, and life changers to grow, support, and excel our careers together to new heights that cannot be achieved alone.

We have helped many self-improvement content creators further their reach and impact, and we do not plan on stopping anytime soon. We've had editors and writers from across the world, as we love expanding our community to gain new perspectives on different methods and strategies.

We have seen many different views on similar topics. This is why we do not push one specific method or strategy to gain any goal. We fully encourage hearing about many different takes on achieving new heights in bettering our lives. After all, if we wish to change our lives, we much change our beliefs and actions.

This site is meant to give you a new perspective. We want to see your approach on achieving different problems in the categories or performance, connection, mindfulness, health, wellness, philosophy, productivity, business strategy, and more (We expand our categories as demand is needed).

We hope to create positive social change in the lives of our readers. We’ve seen the effects of positive action and re-enforcement change people’s lives that all stemming from the spread of an idea. Ideas are spark that creates wild change in the world. When we can put those ideas into actionable steps, we can help people grab hold of their habits and shift their momentum toward a better live and better living.

We believe you will enjoy contributing to a mission-based publication that is aimed toward positive change in the lives of many. We welcome you into our amazing and growing community. Creators and viewers who join the Innermost Community know that they are contributing to the transition of our world into something better.

We invite all to join the community of content creators. We accept written articles, video, and audio submissions. With every piece of content uploaded to the site, we include a picture, bio, personal page, and link to your own personal website or page to help grow your personal following and direct people to your site.

Innermost Daily Submission Guidelines

By using the Innermost Daily website, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service web as well as our Terms and Conditions specifically for submissions. When you submit, you also agree to receive emails from Innermost Daily. You can unsubscribe any time.

Per our Editorial Guidelines, will not accept material that is sexually explicit or contains profanity, hate language or slurs. This includes text, video, and/or photos that are part of submissions.

  • Some of the subjects we enjoy seeing on the site include (but are not limited to): Dating, Family Life, Parenting, Social Skills, Motivation, Networking, Marriage, Business, Health & Wellness, Fitness, Mental Health, Relationships, Travel, Education, Spirituality, Sexuality, Philosophy, Productivity, Performance, Habit Formation, Personal Transformation, Mindfulness, Meditation, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, and Emotional Intelligence. Find out more on our About Page.

  • You may submit previously published work, but you must include all appropriate credits and links back to the original. By accepting our terms and conditions you acknowledge and grant permission to have the work re-published, but the original works must be your own. 

  • If you include photos, images or artwork with your post, you must own the actual art, or have explicit, written permission to publish it. We reserve the right to substitute our own photos, especially if we cannot prove rights ownership. All videos or audio included with the work must have an embed code. 

  • Follow AP Style guidelines regarding numbers, capitalization, abbreviations, and punctuation, with one exception. For em dashes, use three hyphens---with no spaces before and after the dashes, even when using quotation marks---"like this." And remember: AP Style calls for only one space after a period or colon. DO NOT put two spaces between sentences. Numbers under 10, like nine or eight, should be spelled out, except in the case of ages, like a 5-year-old girl, or a boy, 6.

  • Some General Writing Suggestions: 1) Try to avoid just giving advice without any stats, research, studies, or logical reasoning behind your views. 2) Check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation before submitting. It takes more time for us to edit your work than it does for you since you are more familiar with it. 3) We have seen it best to split up your writing in easy to read section with titles for each section or main point of the article.

Thank you for submitting to Innermost Daily ™. It's a community unlike any other. And we think you're going to like it here.


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