11 Most Common Pieces of Advice We Wish We Could Have Told Our Younger Selves

11 Most Common Pieces of Advice We Wish We Could Have Told Our Younger Selves

We all have things that we wish we knew when we were younger—little pieces of wisdom that could have saved us a good load of pain. Sadly, these things can only be learned through experience. What we can do is do our best to educate those younger than us to the right path. We can at the very least give them the wisdom that we wish we had and let them do what they wish with it.

Here we take the most common pieces of wisdom that people wish they would have known when they were younger. At any stage of life, these pieces of advice can serve as a good reminder at what experience can teach us. 

“Try your best to overcome shyness. People are a gift to have in your life.”

While there is nothing inherently wrong with being shy, it does prevent us from meeting a lot of new people and bringing them into our lives. Meeting new people can be a daring endeavor as we never really know others true intentions. The thing is, there are so many good people out there that would be a joy to have in our lives. The only way to find those people is to have the resilience to try and meet as many people as possible until you find them. 

Resilience is key. If you don’t like one type of food at the buffet, it does not mean that you hate everything at the buffet. You just have to be resilient enough to keep trying new things until you find something you like.

“Life can get hard, but life is good. When things aren't going so well, know it will get better.”

Life can be hard. That is what makes it worth it. If everything was handed to us, we would never feel fulfilled by anything. It’s hard to enjoy a sunny day without a few rainy days to give it some perspective. Hard times are just a part of life. They remind us to enjoy it while we can. Times will get better. Things always consistently change. If you don’t like how things are now, just hang in there and you will soon.

“Work hard in school, but don’t go crazy.”

School is important because it teaches us to be able to sit down and do the hard work to achieve a goal. It teaches us to strive for something great. It gives us a great work ethic for future use. Many say not to worry too much about their grades in school. Unless you are in college and trying to get into med school, enjoying your time might be more important than great. It all really just comes down to what is important to you.

“ Learn to stand up for what’s important to you.”

When you learn to stand up for yourself, others will grow in respect for you. They will realize that you stand for true values, and you are not willing to compromise them. While backlash might happen at first, admiration comes after. Even if people don’t necessarily agree with what you standby, they really wish that they could stand up for themselves as you do for yourself. 

“Keep your body in good shape. Exercise, eat well, and be active. You will appreciate it when you are older.” 

When you are younger, junk food may not affect you like it does older people. You may be able to eat much more unhealthy food in them and still remain relatively fit. The problem is that this gets harder as time goes on. If you do not build healthy habits of eating healthy food while you are young, it makes it that much harder to do while you are older. Learn to restrain yourself and make lasting habits that will translate to a healthier life as an adult.

“You are not alone in how you feel. There is always someone who is going through or has gone through what you are before.” 

Never feel like you are going through something completely alone. We are not unique in our problems, and that is amazing! If I had a totally unique and never before seen problem, I would be freaking out. I like having problems that have been solved before because it gives me a certainty that I can solve it myself.

When you see someone who is going through something similar to you, don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand. It is much easier to handle our problems with our friends and family than it is alone. Do not be afraid of support. It is much more beneficial than you think. 

“Things will change. Do not expect life to be the same forever. Even when change is scary, know that it is all a part of the journey.” 

Change is a very natural part of life, so don’t fear it. Change is good. It lets us know that we are still moving forward. Change is an indicator of growth. Even if we don’t like it at first, every change comes with new lessons and availability to learn.

“Your parents truly love you and want the best for you. They may not know everything or always be right, but trust them. You won’t have them forever.” 

 Sometimes it can really be difficult for us to understand that our parents really do mean the best for us. Sometimes we feel like they smother and keep everything good out of our lives. We have to understand it that they are doing their best to make sure that we live a safe, healthy, and happy life the best way they can. Imagine you were given a child today and had to raise it. You probably wouldn’t do everything perfect. That is what happened to your parents. They were dropped with you, and they did their best. Love them for it.

“Forgive and forget. Not for anyone else's sake but your own. Forgive and try your best to forget.”

Holding onto grudges only hurts yourself. You begin to hold hate in your heart that requires too much energy to maintain. Forgive those who do you wrong not for their sake, but for your own. It does you much better to forgive someone than it does for the forgiven.

“Forgive yourself.”

Just as you grant someone else forgiveness, don’t forget to forgive yourself. None of us are perfect. All of us make mistakes. Letting go of the past and learning how to move forward is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our future. Holding the past against us only slows us down and makes our journey that much more difficult.

“Be a positive influence. There is too much negativity going around, and we don’t need more. Spread happiness in even the smallest ways you can.”

There can be so much negativity coming at us from all angles. While we may not be able to control the negative forces around us, we do get to control the force that we have to the world. Focus on being a positive source to others and you will attract the same thing back to you.

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