17 Days to a New Attitude

17 Days to a New Attitude

You have probably heard the cliché phrase, “Your attitude determines you latitude.”  Worn out phrases like these after a while start to feel a bit, well, worn out.  However, there is a reason that phrases like these become cliché in the first place.  This is because they usually have a lot of veracity to them. 


When it comes to this phrase about attitude, this is exactly the case.  Your attitude will determine your level of success, like it or not.  You have to have a positive attitude to be successful. 


You have very rarely seen a successful person who is also down in the dumps and pessimistic about life.  This just does not happen.  Successful people are optimistic, glass half-full type of people who have extraordinarily positive attitudes.


Over the next 17 days, you will improve your attitude.  Here’s how:


Day 1


Think of a famous, successful person.  Grab a pen and paper and jot down all the qualities this person has, both positive and negative.  Then, when you are finished, circle all the qualities you believe stem from that person having a positive attitude.


Day 2


Write down a list of all of your qualities, both positive and negative.  Circle all the qualities that you believe stem from having a positive attitude.  Compare this list of circled qualities with the list made from the day before. 


Start a new list.  Write down all the qualities that you do not have on your list but the successful person does have.


Day 3


Brainstorm ways that you can cultivate the qualities from the new list started on day two.  Think of how you should think and act to obtain these qualities you do not have.  Think of specific and practical ways to implement these thoughts and actions in your life.


Day 4


Put your ideas from day three into action.  At the beginning of the day write down which ideas you will implement.  At the end of the day write down all the ideas you did implement and if they worked out the way you thought they would.


Day 5


Revise your actions if you did not get the results you wanted on day four.  If you did get the results you wanted, congratulations, keep implementing these actions on this day. 


Day 6


Put your revised actions into motion.  If you did not need to revise your actions, keep implementing your actions. Now, each day you will keep revising your actions or implementing your actions until you get the desired results.  Keep this up each day from today until day 17. 


Day 7


Write down a list of all the things in your life you are grateful for that you have.  This can be anything from having good health to having a loving family and great friends. 


Meditate on the things you are grateful for.  Spend some time with them and let them truly sink in.


Also, don’t forget the action steps from day 6 you are supposed to be implementing.


Day 8


No negativity day.  On this day you will not say anything negative about anyone or anything.  You will also try not to think any negative thoughts.  If you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, think about how you can flip it around into something positive.


Day 9


Befriend someone you do not like.  Find a way to be nice to someone you usually would not pay any attention to or someone you would actively avoid.  You can bring that person a gift, ask them out to lunch, or just sit down with them and have a nice conversation.


Day 10


Take a break from electronics.  As much as you can, set aside your electronics on this day.  No cell phone, TV, radio, computer, etc.  Pick up a book or go for a stroll in the park. 


If this is truly impractical for you, take some time to at least commune with nature in some way on this day.  It could be as simple as going on a bike ride or even just sitting outside and listening to the song of the birds.


Day 11


Go somewhere new and try something new.  Take your significant other or a friend to a new place, or just go there by yourself.  Maybe you will go to a new restaurant and get something new off the menu.  Maybe you will go to a different store than you usually do and buy something you never bought from there before.  Have fun with this.


Day 12


Tell someone you love that you love them.  Try to do this with someone you love but for whatever reason you never told them before.  Maybe you never told your mom or dad how you felt.  Perhaps you and your brother know you love each other but you never told him how you feel.  This may be uncomfortable but it is important.


Day 13


Go to the library and check out a new book.  Do not get something long that you will probably never read (unless you are a bookworm), look for something under 75 pages.  Get something new and something positive.  Take a stroll down the religion or the self-help section to get some ideas.


Day 14


Start reading the book you checked out yesterday.  Take notes.  Reflect on your notes and what you are reading.  Make sure you finish this book by day 17.


Day 15


Think of a grudge you have been holding against someone.  Forgive that person.  You do not even have to tell them you forgive them.  In your heart, let it go.  Keep reading your book and taking notes.


Day 16


Do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise while reflecting on the last 15 days.


Day 17


Write down your thoughts from day 16.  Also, finish your book. 


Reflect on this 17 day experiment and think about what you learned.  Think about all the things from this exercise that you would like to take with you from here on out. 


Also, write down the list of positive traits you see in yourself now that you did not see before.  How many of these traits match up with the traits that the successful person had from day 1? 


If you are still lacking in those traits, you still have a lot of work to do.  If you have developed some of those traits, keep going.  If you matched up exactly, keep living your life the way you have been. 


You Have Reached the Finish Line


If you failed or missed any of the days above, repeat them.  You might not be able to see how all the dots connect together and how they all lead to a positive attitude, but trust the process. 


Learn from this experiment and keep doing the things you believe helped change your attitude.  You should now have all the tools necessary to cultivate a positive attitude if you are willing to use them and put in the work.  Remember, attitude is latitude.    

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