5 Things to Stop Doing When You Feel Drained and Unmotivated

5 Things to Stop Doing When You Feel Drained and Unmotivated

Whether it be studying for an exam, working towards a deadline at work, dealing with family, or running your daily routine, we all sometimes run out of juice. Especially in today’s busy culture of trying to fill every moment of your time with progress of action, there come moments of exhaustion and mental fatigue. We like to say that taking 15 minutes to “meditate” is all the time we need to recalibrate, but know that really doesn’t recharge the battery. With today’s fast and constantly evolving atmosphere, here are a few mental traps to be aware of and to avoid when do we get run down and unmotivated.

Stop Putting Yourself Down

It is crazy how the workforce has made it a common mentality to beat ourselves up if we don’t absolutely kill ourselves with the amount of work that we get done. It is seriously baffling that we mentally insult ourselves for not getting enough done or not being proactive enough.

I am definitely not saying that we should shy away from hard work. I am a huge proponent of hard work because that’s how you get things done and progress your career. The crazy part is how we wreck our psyche over not meeting our unrealistic goals for ourselves.

Here is the plain truth. Beating yourself up is absolutely, in no way productive for yourself. Mentally bringing yourself down does not give you the motivation to work harder. A mental barrage of self insults does not make the work go by any smoother. It is only a detriment to your mental health and productivity. We might feel the need to be so harsh on ourselves due to past authority figures doing the same. We begin to think of that is how we are supposed to push ourselves. It’s not.

The goal is to work as hard as you can and not to beat yourself up where you fall short. Falling short is inevitable and will happen constantly. The best way to be productive is to move on and keep moving forward.

Stop Quitting

Especially when we are working on projects without deadlines, the easy way out is always there. We might encounter something difficult in our way, let days go by, let weeks go by, and suddenly we are not working on our project anymore. Whenever we want to get back to work, we find ourselves having to start over from the beginning since it’s been too long.

It is extremely important to learn the difference between quitting and taking breaks. The main difference is that breaks have deadlines. When we don’t set deadlines to get back to our work, our natural instincts to avoid difficult situations kicks in.

Stop Running Yourself Dry

When you use your phone, do you use it until it is absolutely at 0% battery until you charge it again? Probably not. And most people charge their phones whenever they hit close to a charger. The problem is that people operate today in the equivalent of charging your phone to 15%, running it to 0%, charging it to 15% again, and rinse and repeat. We think that the fact that we have any juice in us at all is an obligation to use it immediately rather than bringing ourselves up to 100%. Most of us probably haven’t felt in 100% in a very long time because of our self-inflicted anxieties to do do do.

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily.” Zig Ziglar

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

Never feel sorry for yourself. Period. When you start to feel sorry for yourself, you begin to accept death. You bet I’m being dramatic, but I don’t believe I am inaccurate.

When we start to say things like, “Nothing is working for me”, “I’m probably not even capable of…”, “Who would ever want me as a…”, We are just giving ourselves reasons to quit and do nothing. We justify having a purposeless life. Sometimes we justify our undeserving nature for something so simple like love and happiness.

The world is going to kick your ass, don’t join in on the action. Next time you begin to put yourself down, really ask yourself this: Why am I saying this about myself?

Seriously. Even if you are absolutely right, what good does it do to recognize and live according to your undeserving and sorrowful self-image? It does none. If you started treating yourself like you deserved all your hearts desires, wouldn’t it be more likely that others would do the same? Don’t you think you would probably start taking action in the direction of actually making those things happen, too? You would definitely be doing more than the guy sitting in seclusion talking about how he doesn’t have any friends because he doesn’t go out because he doesn’t have friends because he doesn’t go out because he doesn’t have friends.

Stop Going so Fast

Learn to slow down. We think that going fast in our heads will make us faster in real life. It just makes us flustered and unorganized. We need to slow down and be intentional in our actions.  When we slow down, we are able to see things much more clearly, we are able to get a grip and organize everything around us. This is such a simple step that so many people overlook because they think they just need to dive straight in and start getting things done.

This comes from the concepts of being proactive and sharpening your saw.

Being proactive and planning out your actions declutters your mind and allows you to focus on much more simple and specified tasks at a time. And so many of us try to get one thing done while holding six different tasks in our mind at the same time. No wonder we are drained. Be proactive and plan ahead so that you can simplify your thoughts and actions for maximum efficiency.

Think about cutting down a tree with a dull saw. It would take forever and be grueling work. The obvious advice would be to sharpen your saw to make it easier to cut through the tree. However, so many of us, while we are cutting the tree, would say that it would take too much time to sharpen the saw. “That is the time that can be put into cutting down the tree!”

There are a few problems with this scenario. If you do not sharpen your saw, the work will be grueling, and you will not have a very fond memory of cutting down trees. This will make you hesitant to get back to doing the task in the future. Moreover, even if it takes the same amount of time to sharpen the saw and cut down the tree, you are left extremely tired after using a dull blade. Since you worked with the dull blade, you really had to strain yourself to get the job done. You are left exhausted and worn down.

The person who sharpens their blade cuts through the tree with ease and comes out ready to cut down more.

Never think that taking time to take care of yourself is a waste. It does so much more good than you realize.

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