Essential Brain-Hacks for Claiming Our Best Lives

Essential Brain-Hacks for Claiming Our Best Lives

Reality actually begins in our brains. The way we perceive, judge, and react to external events and stimuli depend on our inner state of being. What if by changing our inner state of being through brain-hacks, we can access a hidden reserve of energy powerful enough to change our lives and align us with our purposes?

Changing our brains changes our lives

Much of society is walking around malnourished, sleep deprived, and unaware of what an optimal, high functioning brain feels like. Meanwhile, we’re plagued by emotional disorders including impatience, anxiety, depression, anger, and downright confusion.

What if clarity starts with food? With sleep habits? What if the lives our deepest selves yearn to attract become available through fasting, cold showers, and blueberries?

Here are a few brain-hacks I love sharing. With consistency, they’re likely to change your life.

What’s the deal with cold showers?

Why should we be taking cold showers?

It turns out we have two types of fat cells, white and brown. They’re responsible for different sets of functions. Our brown fat cells contain a higher level of mitochondria and are responsible for fighting aging through metabolic function.

Amazingly, people living in colder climates are found to contain more of these life-enhancing cells. Cold showers offer us the same advantage.

Beautifully, our beloved hot showers are still included in this equation. It’s actually best to take our hot showers first as normal. The trick is to turn the water cold at the end. Over time, we should strive to increase the amount of time we leave the water on cold. Consistency with cold showers brings noticeable results including improved mood, concentration, and yes, mental clarity and overall brain functioning.

Cold showers are a brain-hack at best.

It’s time to talk food

Contrary to popular belief, much of the “food” we have access to at most grocery stores and restaurants is not actually “normal.”

To reclaim our brains, we need to stop eating lab food. We need to give our bodies the opportunity to clear out toxins, harmful molds, and bugs, as well as environmental pollutants. The truth about toxins is that they cause inflammation. In turn, inflammation creates stress in the body and stress hinders brain function a noticeable amount.

To counter aging and heighten our brains, we need colorful foods full of phytonutrients. On top of that, we need the right forms of fat which practically act as brain food.

How do you think your 9am interview is going to go if you drink a banana-blueberry-cacao-avocado-walnut smoothie as opposed to just say… an egg sandwich from McDonald's?

You’ll only perform as well as you’re eating, and that goes for all areas of your life including performing in relationships, work-life, exercise, and more.

When in doubt, keep it simple with whole foods. That basically means produce and other foods you’re not buying in plastic bags with large ingredient lists. Eating nutrient dense foods is a brain-hack.

Fasting: when and why it’s beneficial

Fasting is in our blood. Our ancestors fasted. More often than not, they were probably packing in calories while available and then fasting until finding food again.

Research has shown that fasting boosts brain capacity, increase human growth hormone levels, and is neuroprotective. Some believe these changes occurred in our ancestors during fasting to give them an extra edge over finding food and hunting.

But here’s the other thing about fasting— it is a brain-hack, yes, but it also causes stress in the body. Adrenaline and cortisol levels actually increase during fasting. Our world is already full of stressors, why add to the equation? The key, like with most things, is balance.

Do your fasting in the morning. Yes, practice intermittent fasting. Start with no food for 14-16 hours and do it only 2-3 times a week. Use meditation during the fasting window. It’s powerful for keeping cortisol under control, especially this form of meditation.

Many report increased clarity, ambition, and even energy during the fast.

Another benefit of fasting is detox. When our digestive enzymes are finished digesting our food, they turn to our cells and begin clearing out toxins and waste. Most of us bombard these enzymes with more and more food, rendering them unable to detox us.

Overall, intermittent fasting will have you feeling good. The body of research is there. Just don’t overdo it.

What’s your purpose?

If you’ve read this far, you’re likely to care about your wellness and passion. But is passion enough?

We often find that passion burns out. It’s enough to keep us going in blips, but not for the long-haul.

When we feed our brains a sense of purpose, passion is taken to a new level. Suddenly, we have the energy to complete our tasks and commitments even when our motivation seems drained.

Purpose gives us more important problems while making small problems and inconveniences less bothersome. Having purpose is the difference between worrying that you might not get enough hours at work and worrying that mass amounts of people on the planet don’t have access to clean food and water. It’s the difference between what someone thinks of you and worrying about the destruction happening to our planet.

Having a sense of purpose is a brain-hack because it trains us to see bigger. Seeing bigger lends vitality to our paths while aligning us with what we came to the plant to do.

Make healing your brain part of your purpose

We’ve all come to the planet during a time of great destruction and upheaval. Luckily, there is still plenty of beauty left to thrive off. We must use this beauty to find our medicine. Our medicine is what we’ve come to the planet to learn and offer to others for the benefit of the planet at large.

But first, we must come into alignment. Alignment and clarity begin when we give our bodies and minds the proper nutrients and training for optimal functioning.

We’re less likely to know or follow our purposes when partaking in soul-depleting acts. Once we begin to feed our minds and bodies the techniques mentioned above, life will seem more effortless and our goals and aspirations within close reach. It’s worth leaving behind old habits and replacing them with these effective brain-hacks. Enjoy them! Their power lies in the wisdom and blood of our ancestors.

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