Fierce 15 Natural Energizers for Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Fierce 15 Natural Energizers for Your Body, Mind, and Soul

How many cups of coffee have you honestly chugged today? Is the caffeine really giving you the extra jolt of energy that you need to function through a marathon teamwork meeting after lunch, chase the kids around the yard in a game of hide and seek after dinner, cram for that formidable final exam, or squeeze in a quick cardio workout at the local YMCA? I’m so over-reliant upon my daily cups of Joe, I often feel like my mugs are natural extensions or appendages to my alien body, much like a creature from Avatar or another Sci-Fi flick.

Just as my former blog recommended taking a tech break for holistic health and mindfulness, this article encourages you to take a coffee hiatus, but not in the traditional sense of ordering a latte with friends or grabbing another shot of espresso on the go. Instead, this article offers research, resources, and practical tips for energizing your body, mind, and soul more holistically, instead of hitting the K cups or re-ordering that frappe online. Ready to fuel with food, supplements, oils, and other natural tips? Check out our Fierce 15 natural energizers (in no particular order of importance) to get you hopping healthily and happily through your days and nights without jitters, excessive sugars, and crashing. Give the Energizer Bunny a run for his or her money and save the “Crashing” for the Dave Matthews Band!

1.     Pucker Up With Lemon: Nope, not Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl Song.” Pucker up with water and lemon an instant energy and mood booster. Lemons not only offer a great way to detox your body, but they also increase stamina, banish bellying bloating, and jump-start weight loss, according to Better Nutrition. Add them to your water bottle to cheaply and peacefully pamper you.

2.     Herbal Essence with Herbal Teas: We aren’t talking about the sultry shampoo commercials. Holla for herbal, as in herbal teas! Although herbal teas can often get a wimpy rep, when compared to cooler and chic coffee, KANE (2018) insists that you can get a booming blast of energy from a robust herbal tea, such as Rooibush or Roastaroma ( Tea time, anyone? Heck, it worked for Alice in Wonderland, eh?

3.     Rockin Roots of Ginseng: Turner & Tweed (2019) celebrate the overall power of adaptogens, especially ginseng.  I think of them like “Transformers” for your body as far as energy and stamina superheroes and she-roes. No capes and tights are needed for these holistic stars, though. Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to nourish the organs, improve qi (vital energy), and increase stamina, ginseng is one of the world’s best adaptogens, since it supports and protects the body by rejuvenating and invigorating it (Turner & Tweed, 2019). Zap some zest into your wellness routine with ginseng!

4.     Shroom and Boom with Cordyceps: Another traditional Chinese medicine megastar, they represent a type of parasitic fungus that grows on caterpillars. Worried about getting a little wormy? Well, they can boldly boost levels of ATP, especially during stress and further increase insulin sensitivity, which helps cells use energy more efficiently (Turner & Tweed, 2019). Start shroomin and boomin with more energy with Cordyceps!

5.     Maca Mania: Not to be confused with the monotonous “Macarena” song and dance, maca derives from the root of a Peruvian plant within the radish family, according to Turner & Tweed (2019). Similar to ginseng, maca is another amazing adaptogen that’s been a traditional staple in alternative medicine. It’s alleged to increase stamina, improve physical performance, and lessen fatigue.

Feel like you could fall into sweet slumber like Snow White and it’s only 3:30PM? Maca is also mentioned as a lifesaver among perimenopausal and menopausal women for its hormone-balancing properties” (Turner & Tweed, 2019). Move, groove, and maintain energy mindfully with maca!

6.     Genie in a Bottle with Essential Oils: Fire up your diffuser with essential oils and be grateful with grapefruit, for its natural compound, nootkatone, which controls metabolism (Cromer, 2018). By simply inhaling grapefruit oil, studies claim that it can curb food cravings and give you a burst of much-needed energy.

Not a fruity fragrance fan? Well, trying rocking some rosemary or pumping up with peppermint oils, as both are also heralded as powerful metabolism boosters and energizing oils. Let’s jog around the block after some essential oil therapy!

7.     Reboot Your Energy with Robuvit: This supplement is a New Kid on the Block and receiving rave reviews as a natural energizer. What is robuvit? While its name does sound a bit robotic, it’s an extract from a specific species of French oak that was considered sacred to boost energy in healthy people, as well for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome; it’s also linked to improved exercise recovery and performance, speeding up recovery from the flu, and improving the liver’s detoxification ability (Turner  & Tweed, 2019). Perfect after too many Happy Hours or Wine Wednesdays!

Research further praises it in several clinical trials for offering relief from work-related burnout in healthy adults of all ages, enhancing mood, and inciting sleep (Turner & Tweed, 2019). Stop counting those silly sheep and try this one instead!

8.     Fuel With Foods: Rosenfeld (2016) advocates kefir and yogurt as excellent pre-workout foods. Reach also for simple carbohydrates to enable your muscles to get the necessary energy to fill your muscles' glycogen stores. One to two hours before a workout, preferably eat a light meal or snack that “combines simple and complex carbs for energy and a little protein to keep you full” (Rosenfield, 2016). Smoothies can give you smooth energy and are so easy to prepare! Veg out with veggies and hummus, a hardboiled egg on whole grain toast, or a handful of trail mix 20 to 30 minutes before a workout. Swap sugar with Manuka honey and add chia and flax seeds to yogurt, soups, salads, and baked goods. Fuel with foods, folks!

9.     C for Yourself With Vitamin C and CoQ10:  Vitamin C and CoQ10 are a terrific energy tag team. In one study, volunteers who received 10 grams of vitamin C reported significant reductions in fatigue two hours after treatment, (Turner & Tweed, 2019). How’s that for a “tick tock you don’t stop” jazzy jolt of rocky steady energy?

In contrast, CoQ10 is vitamin-like nutrient that plays a critical role in generating the body’s ATP supply, the primary fuel source. See how these Cs could give you a sea of energy?

10.  An Apple A Day: All the preaching you heard as a kid is true as far as the energizing aptitude of apples. Now apple cider vinegar (ACV) is all the rage! Studies uncover how the mega malic acid in ACV can possibly surge energy levels and blast fatigue (APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Astounding benefits of ORGANIC INDIA Apple Cider Vinegar, 2018, p. 16). Tired from all that housework or commuting back and forth? ACV might be your new energizing ace!

11.  Be Healthy with Vitamins B6 and B12: Be your most energetic self with B vitamins. B 6 and B 12 are especially potent for maintaining myelin, “a fatty compound that forms a sheath around the ends of nerve cells, insulating them and allowing them to send signals faster and more efficiently” (Turner & Tweed, 2019). Channel your best Black Eyed Peas’ karaoke and belt out, Imma Be” health holistically with B6 and B 12!

12.   You Are My Sunshine: Nurture yourself with nature and dive into Vitamin D, the sunlight vitamin. If you’re a Gordon Ramsey or Padma Lakshmi wannabe in the chef department, strive to cook with more with fatty fish or supplement with vitamin D. Stroll, hike, bike, skate, or jog for that childhood sense of glee!

13.  Magnum P.I. with Magnesium: Not, the old school show or remake version. Instead, maintain your health and energy with magnesium. Studies validate how magnesium not only kick starts our cellular energy production, but it also builds physical stamina to fight fatigue (Turner & Tweed, 2019). Avocados, cashews, black beans, spinach, and edamame will make you say “arigato” or “merci” for energy!

14.   Matcha Mama or Papa: Don’t wait for St. Paddy’s Day to indulge in the gloriously green energize. Sifferlin (2018) summarizes how it delivers more energy and health properties than other green teas since you drink the whole tea leaves, tons of antioxidants called catechins, decreased risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancers ( Going green is great for you and the planet, too!

15.  Under the Sea With Spirulina: Make your nautical mermaid or mermaid dreams come true with this blue-green algae (, armed with the immunity and energy anticancer properties. Spirulina serves, too, as an “excellent source of copper (21% DV) and a good source of thiamin (11% DV), riboflavin (15% DV), and iron (11% D V). It also contains omega-3 fatty acids (57.6 mg) and omega-6 fatty acids (87.8 mg), with part of the omega-6 coming from gamma-linolenic acid” ( Swim, twirl, whirl, and spiral with spirulina!


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