Great Posture Will Change Your Life: How Come, How To, and If Not

Great Posture Will Change Your Life: How Come, How To, and If Not

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to have good posture, and maybe you know why. We know we are supposed to, but sometimes we still just don’t because it takes energy. Sometimes we really just don’t want to spend the energy needed to have good posture. That most likely comes from us not understanding the full spectrum of risks and benefits that come with having good posture or not. If you fully understood what came up with having good posture and what comes with having bad posture, you wouldn’t even question how much energy it took to maintain it. You would just do it immediately. That is why we are going to outline some of the risks that come with taking the easy way out of poor posture and the real benefits of posturing up.

Risks of Poor Posture

Fear is always a good motivator, so I thought we would start with the risks first.  Listing and explaining all of the detriments that come with bad posture would take way too long. They have written volumes of books on this topic. When you have bad posture, you are literally crunching your joints, bones, muscles, and organs together resulting in a vast number of health complications. 

We don’t always recognize these right away because they sometimes take some time to develop. Your lower back doesn’t start to ache the immediate second that you start to slouch. However, with habitual years of slouching in your chair, your lower back pain becomes very evident and very hard to fix. This is just one example of many. 

Incontinence. This is when you leak urine and whenever you laugh or cough or strain yourself in any other way. This is caused by your poor posture putting pressure on your bladder and reducing your muscular ability to hold back urine. Basically, poor posture causes you to pee yourself a little.

Believe it or not, having poor posture contributes to weight gain and slowed metabolism. As you put pressure on your abdomen by having a slouched posture, you crunch your stomach and intestines together. This results in your food and stomach acid sometimes going in the wrong direction. You are slowing down your digestion like you would fold a garden hose. 

A side effect of your stomach acid going in the wrong direction is an acid reflux reaction. This results in heartburn and other gastrointestinal problems.

I will not even begin to list the harms this can do to your joints and a spine. 

The good news is that you don’t just have to avoid ailments with your good posture. You can also obtain a great number of benefits as well.

Benefits of Great Posture

Better Digestion

As you better your posture, your digestion and metabolism begin to work normally again. With the energy that it takes to keep good posture and your organs being unhindered as well, your metabolism can behave as it should. Something as simple as standing can greatly increase your metabolism and fat loss.

Better Breath

Better breath not only means more oxygen to your body, but it also means more oxygen to your brain. With good posture, your lungs can expand to full capacity leading in much more oxygen than you would be able to slouched. In addition to the increased capacity in your lungs, oxygen’s transportation throughout the body is increased as well. The blood flow to your organs, muscles, and brain is increased due to eliminating blockage. 

Muscular Engagement 

With better posture, your muscles are engaged and more in your physical activity. With bad posture, your joints and bones can begin to take on the pressure of your daily activities that your muscles should be taking on. When your muscles are able to perform effectively, they are able to adapt and grow in order to make yourself stronger and grow your muscles faster.

Joint Support

Without all the pressure on your joints, they are more able to heal themselves from any previous activity. Your joints need to rebuild their tissue just like muscles do. Proper posture allows your joints to rest more often and rebuild themselves so that you don’t need to Indore painful joint injuries due to the wear and tear that they may receive.

Prevent Fatigue 

Believe it or not, bad posture actually leads to fatigue much faster. As your muscles begin to be used more efficiently, your body adapts and is able to use that energy more effectively as well. Aching and worn joints are a huge contributor to tiredness and fatigue throughout your day. Maintaining good posture allows you to use your body to its fullest potential in energy consumption.

Fewer Headaches

 With increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain along with proper support of the neck vertebrae. You are much more likely to receive less headaches then you might usually. If you are prone to headaches, the first and easiest step that you can take to prevent them is to correct your posture, especially in your neck. Yes, your headaches could be attributed to something completely different, but it would not be unlikely to have some of your headaches attributed to poor neck support or oxygen deficiency. 


Along with the bodily benefits of having good posture, there are mental ones that come along with it. It has been proven psychologically that changing the way you use your body changes how you think. Not only does it change the way you think, but it also changes the way people think of you:

Self Mental Aspect

Maintaining great posture change the way that you think about yourself. When you have good posture, you make yourself taller. You make yourself more seen.  When you get the image of someone who is doing great in your head, they aren’t slouched over. In addition, when you get the image of someone who is depressed and anxious, you don’t see them standing tall and proud. Just changing this simple physical factors about yourself cures your body into thinking a certain way about yourself. Roll your shoulders back. Tuck your chin in. Try to be as tall as you possibly can. It will really change the way you think about yourself if you are able to maintain this.

Outside Perspective

In addition to increasing your own mental value, having great posture makes others view you better as well. When you were standing as tall as you can, it shows that you are not hiding. It shows that you have nothing to hide. It shows that you have a level of confidence in yourself and you are unafraid. 

Even the shortest guy in the room can benefit from this. You see, it doesn’t matter how tall you are. It matters how strait you stand. The tallest guy in the room can be slouching, showing everyone that he is anxious and trying to hide from everyone in the room. The shortest guy in the room can’t stand tall with his shoulders back, even on his toes. This shows everyone that he is ready to be seen and put himself out there to whatever the world may bring to him.

How to Posture:

Before you go, here are a few ways to help you have amazing posture and benefit from all that we stated before.

Hold Your Head Up High

A quick way do you think about having good posture is to literally hold your head as high as you possibly can. Tuck your chin in. The top of your head is it the tallest point. Try to reach the top of your head as high as it can possibly go. This is a good way to start your effort into having good posture.

Back Against the Wall

If you put your heels against the wall, you can see how good your posture is right now. With your heels and butt touching the wall, are your shoulders and head touching it as well? For the greatest posture, you want your heels, butt, back of the shoulders, and back of your head to all be touching the wall. 

The first time I did this, I thought, “There is no shot that I am going to walk around like this.” It really does almost feel ridiculous in the beginning. That is the problem. Our pastor has gotten so bad that actually stretching ourselves to what great posture should be seems goofy and ridiculous to us. It feels like you’re pumping your chest out way too much. It really feels like you look ridiculous. YOU DON’T. It just feels that way to you. You haven’t had this good of posture in a long time or ever. It feels strange to you, but I guarantee you that you look 1000 times better. Your relatives might think it is strange since they haven’t seen you like this in a while, but do not stop. You will experience the benefits of doing so soon enough.

Stand More

Seriously, standing more. Sitting is like cancer. Especially when we work at jobs that require us to sit for nine hours a day without moving.

Be the weird guy or girl who buys the adjustable standing desk, and do not pay any mind to anyone who thinks it’s weird. People with bad habits like to make fun of people with the better ones to further give themselves excuses not to change. 

I hope this helps you realize the importance of great posture along with giving you some helpful tips to do it yourself. I would love to hear your feedback on how posture affects you either positively or negatively!

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