How to Be Funny And Make Friends

How to Be Funny And Make Friends

Making people laugh is probably one of the best things you can do in a conversation. It is so pure-hearted and friendly to share a laugh with another person. If you think about a joke in its simplest form, it’s just words said in an attempt to make another laugh. It is not selfish. It is not wanting. It is just to bring joy. 

That being said, there are a few bad ways that you can go about trying to make people laugh. First, know that there is nothing wrong with trying to make people laugh. Everyone loves to laugh, and there always needs to be a catalyst. However, it is good to be aware of some of the Do’s and Don’ts when getting into this tricky territory as it can be thin iced. You don’t want to overstep a boundary, offend anybody, degrade yourself, or make things too awkward. However, if you follow these quick points, you should be off to a great start. 

Don’t Make Jokes at Others Expense

There are very rare occasions that making fun of someone else is okay. I’m not going to be a real hardball and say that it is never okay to make fun of anybody under any circumstances. Sometimes it is fun to poke fun with your friends about a funny shirt they’re wearing, a botched haircut, or something awkward that might’ve happened. You do have to be very careful as you don’t really know how these jokes affect the other person. They could make them feel more part of the group or seclude them in their own insecurities.

Something that you should never make fun of about anybody is something that they can’t change about themselves. You should never make fun of someone’s bodily features, their family, or a serious situation. Even if this gets a few laughs by other people, the person at the expense of the joke will probably look at you differently afterward. If you make a habit of doing this, then you will be put down as someone who constantly makes fun of other people. You don’t want to be that.

To be on the safe side, it’s a really good idea to never bring anybody down with your jokes anyway. 

Do Add on to Other’s Jokes

When someone around you makes a joke, definitely don’t be afraid to add on to it. When you add onto somebody else’s joke, you are supporting them and their sense of humor. Plus, if they are making a joke in that manner, they are probably making a joke in their own sense of humor. If you adopt their sense of humor for a joke, it is almost guaranteed to make them laugh and feel understood.  A large part of understanding an individual is understanding their sense of humor. when you are able to adopt it yourself, you show acceptance and understanding of something that gives them immense joy. 

Don’t Be “Random”

There is this trend that died years ago that has to stop. Many people think that just being absolutely random is funny. You see the infamous, “I’m a potato!”, all over the internet. While being unexpected is a huge part of being funny, there has to be an element of cleverness. Being a random doesn’t allow anyone hearing the joke to make any sort of understanding. Understanding the joke is half the fun of hearing it. If it just confuses someone, then odds are it won’t make them laugh.

Do Be Unexpected

All that being said, do be unexpected. A large part of comedy, as I said, is being surprised. This comes in many forms. You can make someone believe you’re going to say one thing, and go in the opposite direction. You can play with your timing. You can throw someone off their game. Just make sure that they can hop back on to the joke train (if that makes sense). For example, have you ever been in a joking conversation when someone makes a reference that you don’t understand? After the reference is made, there’s nothing that you can really say since you don’t understand. This is especially difficult when other people in the group understand the reference. So, try to be unexpected, but try to keep everybody included and on the board.

Don’t Try to Consume all the Attention

While we understand that you might want to try out all your new material and entertain everyone in the group, you know that other people want to share, too. It is important not to think about it as a one-man comedy show that you were putting on for the rest of the group. Everyone in the group is a contributor. Building off one another and making each other laugh is the name of the game.

 Unless someone is talking about something actually serious, most of the time people are trying to be funny in their own way. You are not alone and not the only one trying to engage in a laugh. You cannot be selfish and try to hog all of the attention in the group. It ends up making people begin to ignore what you say since they’ve heard too much of you.

Remember that it is a group effort and to encourage others to participate. It will be more appreciated when you include them in the group.

Do Embrace Your Time in the Spotlight

When it is your time to talk or contribute, do not be afraid to use your time appropriately. Timing is almost everything in comedy, so trying to rush everything that you say will not turn out well for the end result. Pretend like you have all the time in the world to say what you need to say. If you are fully invested in the words coming out of your mouth, everyone else will be too.

In addition to taking up your time, be fully committed to what you say. If you are not confident in saying something, then why would someone want to focus their attention on you saying it? Commit and show confidence. You were doing nothing wrong. You are just trying to spread laughter, which should not make you feel anything but happy about that fact.

Don’t Directly Make Fun of Yourself

A lot of people say that it is good to use self deprecating humor when in reality, it does not play well to your favor. Listening to someone bag on themselves is not fun for the other person even though they might give out some nervous laughs. In addition, it is okay to show yourself some respect. Anyone who really enjoys listening to you bag on yourself is someone who would bag on you as well. You do not need to try to entertain these people as they do not want what is best for you.

If someone begins to make fun of you and you do not appreciate it, do not be afraid to stand up for yourself. Sometimes it might be okay because it is done by a close friend, but if it is not okay then say something. It will show a level of respect for yourself, a level of respect that others treat you with, and even a level of respect that others should be able to treat themselves with.

Do (Not) Take Yourself Too Seriously

Had to fit in a “Do”. While you don’t need to take directly deprecating jokes to yourself, it is important not to take yourself too seriously at the same time. Sometimes we do funny things that make our friends laugh. Sometimes we mess up or do something awkward that is actually really funny for someone to watch. Embracing these embarrassing things actually shows a level of confidence in yourself as you are secure with who you are.

Again, you don’t need to take harsh humor from other people, especially if it’s meant in a demeaning way. However, if you do something that you can see the humor in, embrace it and do not be afraid to be the source of people's laughter. Learn to laugh with them rather than have them laugh at you.

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