How to Keep Hope Alive

How to Keep Hope Alive

Pandora was breathed into existence by Hephaestus, the god of fire. She was the first mortal woman to walk the earth and was given many gifts by the gods upon her birth. Aphrodite gave her the ability to feel in-depth emotion. Hermes gave her a mastery over language so she could communicate with all others on earth. Athena gave her the gift of amazing craftsmanship and building skills, while Hermes gave her the name Pandora.

The last of the gifts seem to come as some sort of sick joke towards Pandora. Zeus decided to give her two gifts. The first gift he gave her was one of curiosity. At first you might think this was a nice gift that would propel her to learn more and experience the world. However, Zeus then gave her tightly sealed box and told her to never open it because it was not meant to be seen by mortal lies. Pretty convenient that he just gave her the “gift” of curiosity. 

Pandoras curiosity over what was inside the box drove her into madness, so she finally decided to open it and take a peek. The box burst open and poured out all kinds of awful things like disease, poverty, misery, death, and sadness. These creatures were now free to ravage the world. The last thing to come out of the box was something a little bit more positive. Hope came out to remedy the rest of the creatures. To be able to fight back against all the atrocities of the world, we must be able to keep hope alive. So what must we do to keep hope alive?

Keep Progressing

For things that you have more control over than others, the best way to keep hope alive is to make constant progress towards its fruition. While it may seem simple, it is extremely powerful. Many people will work on something, set it down, and not come back to it for a long time hoping that something will happen. If you are able to do more, then you must in order to keep your hope and it’s possibility alive. 

I once had a friend who was working at a job, but he wanted to start his own business. He worked in finance, so his job took up a lot of his time. He was finding it difficult to make time towards making his own business. He eventually did succeed in making his own business. When I asked him how he found the time, he told me something that I will never forget.

He said, “I just did at least one thing everyday. Every day, I did one thing towards making my business. Then one day, I was up and running.”

While it was extremely simple, he practiced patience and knew that his business would come if he kept making progressive steps towards it.

Put New Challenges Ahead of You

Similar to making consistent progress, you must constantly challenge yourself to grow. Even in instances where you might not have the most control, you can still challenge yourself to learn more and be prepared. 

The less you know, the more blind faith you must have. However, as you learn more, the more informed and intelligent opinions you can hold. This gives your hope significantly more support and backing. 

Choose To Believe Every Time

Every time you are confronted with any sort of negative feelings or information, your confidence might be shaken. While you can always find and research more reasons to continue to hope, there is always a decision to be made first. Every time your hope is shaken, you must consistently choose to hope again. You must choose to maintain your help and keep hope alive by any means. That choice will propel you into doing whatever it takes to bring yourself back to a hopeful state. You just have to make that decision first and foremost, continuously, and every time.

Accept That You Might Be a Little Crazy

In the stage where you were hoping for something to happen but it hasn’t happened yet, you can very well get people claiming that you were crazy for your beliefs and hopes. Instead of constantly trying to deny it and prove yourself to others, accept that you might be a little “crazy”. When they say, “You know you’re crazy for this, right?”. You say, “Yea, probably”, shrug it off, and move along. 

Hope is something that is difficult to maintain. It takes effort to do so. Many people don’t want to give effort, so they live unhopeful lives. They will think you’re crazy, but everyone thinks hopeful people are crazy before they are right

Have Fun with New Methods

Remember that even though Hope might take effort to maintain, you are able to have fun with it at the same time. Everything takes effort, even having fun. With that, start to think of activities with your self or others in support of your beliefs. Think of things that you might enjoy while simultaneously reaffirming your belief or progressing you further.

Be Willing to Trust

In many cases of hope, we are often required to put our trust in someone else. This is usually someone of authority or expertise who is in control of the situation. This might be a doctor, politician, employer, or anyone who has the ability to make what you hope for happen. If you do not trust the person in that position, then the whole experience will be tormenting and I spent in anguish. Learning to trust those who have our best interest in mind is a detrimental part in maintaining hope in their actions. 

Remember How Far You’ve Come

When hope starts to fade, and progress doesn’t seem to be happening as often, remember how far you have come. It is always hard to remember and see the distance between where we started and where we are, especially while we are still in progress. Remember to take a moment and remember where you were. Really remember and feel what it was like to be at the beginning. See how far you’ve come by imagining how you would feel in the beginning of your pursuit to be jumpstarted to where you are today. Remember that progress has been made, and even though it may be slowed, you are still moving forward.

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