How to Master Your Work-LOVE-Life Balance

How to Master Your Work-LOVE-Life Balance

It’s 2019 and we are BUSY. The to-do list never seems to end. Work-life balance seems like a distant dream achieved only by people who can afford maids and nannies. Sleep? That’s been out of the question since you were in the womb. The truth is, we are all running around like we don’t have enough time. Because we don’t have enough time! The long list of things to do will never end and before we know it, we’ll leave our loved ones in the dust. While you’re off chasing your dreams, don’t forget to make time for your significant other. It might seem like a juggling act to have a healthy relationship and maintain your busy life, but it’s not impossible.

Americans are the most overworked people in the world. In 2017, more than half of Americans didn’t use their vacation allowance to the fullest. We aren’t taking time to slow down and enjoy life. Things aren’t adding up. Money cannot buy happiness if it means losing out on time spent with loved ones in order to get there. Remember how sad the movie Click was? Let’s not let that happen.

I Can Schedule You in Sometime Next Year…

The first thing you can do is take an honest look at your calendar. The best way to find out where your mind and heart is, is in your schedule. Where does your loved one fall into that schedule? If you are only fitting a half hour into post-dinner binge watching, then there’s an issue of priorities. If you’re guilty of putting your partner at the bottom of your list, don’t fret. All it will take is some rearranging of your schedule and focusing on what matters to you most. You don’t have to sacrifice your relationship. You also don’t have to sacrifice your work either.

It’s Time to Make Time

It’s time to set some boundaries. Work boundaries. Staying late at work only to come home and work might help your career, but not your relationship. It’s time to quit overworking yourself. Set a time for you and your partner to devote to one another every day. This could mean being home on time every night for dinner. It could mean stopping work before 8:00 at night. Laptop down and love life up. Seriously, your partner will start to notice that you are putting in effort to spend uninterrupted time with each other. This doesn’t mean you forfeit other things that need to get done to spend quality time. It means together carving out dedicated time every day and sticking to it.

Boring Errands = Date Night Ideas

Spending quality time with your partner can mean any type of activity. It can mean romantic and expensive dinners but it can also mean running up to the grocery store to pick up more ketchup. Start running errands with your partner. This gives you an opportunity to knock out two birds with one stone. You can spend time with your significant other and check things off your to-do list. Chat about what went wrong on the conference call as you drop off dry cleaning. Pick out what you are going to make for dinner tomorrow as you walk down grocery aisles. Tackle chores while dancing to some of your favorite music. Start off your morning commute with each other in the same car. Maybe it doesn’t sound sexy, but it means you guys are knocking out stuff together. That can be empowering. We live most of our days in the mundane, so we might as well view them as something extraordinary, especially when you think about who you’re doing life with. You’ll start to notice that you will appreciate any time spent with your partner because you’ll learn to make every situation special. Even if it means picking up a new furnace filter.

Make It a Habit

Make Thursday date night a thing. And never skip it. If you begin to turn date night into a habit, then it will become easier to accomplish and harder to break. You might not be able to control everything in your life. But you can control what little time you might have together. Whether it’s movie night or ordering take out and going for a walk, make it YOUR thing. Establish it as something only you two do together.

It’ll Turn Them On When You Turn It Off

Everyone needs a digital detox these days. Does anyone else cringe when you look at the screen time stats on your iPhone? As Americans, we average about 4 hours a day on our phones. Studies show that a digital detox can help us sleep better, focus more, and have less depression and anxiety. How irritating do you find it when you’re having a conversation with someone and their eyes glued to their phone and not you? We’re all guilty of this unfortunately. Set your phone on silent, place it in another room, or leave it at home altogether. You can write down your grocery list on paper. You can search for directions prior to leaving. You can save that email for tomorrow, or at least a few hours. If you’re a busy bee, just don’t forget that you might be missing out on the birds and the bees because of it.

Leave Some Breadcrumbs

You might not have all the time in the world, but all it takes is 5 seconds to jot down a love note. Leave a post-it note on the bathroom mirror or near their coffee mug in the morning with words of encouragement. Kiss your partner before you leave for work every morning. A ten year study conducted by German psychologists attributed husbands kissing their wives before work to living longer and earning more money.

You might have two loves in your life, your career and your partner. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice one for the other. Relationships are about give and take. Remember to give time away to your partner and take a moment to step away from the busy chaos to enjoy life.

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