The Goods and Bads of a Smile

The Goods and Bads of a Smile

It is something so simple, yet, at many times, can be so hard to do. It requires no words but speaks volumes when done. Some hide them. Some are never seen without one.

Do you remember the last time you give a smile? Was it at the office? Was it to a stranger? Was it real, or was it forced?

Here we are going to put the smile into question. What is the real difference a smile can make for us? What are the benefits and downfalls of showing your pearly whites? There has to be more than just good traits. Everything has repercussions, so let’s take a look at the real effects a smile can make.

First Impressions

It is said that the first impressions are made within seven seconds of meeting someone. This is a shame since it is impossible to convey every aspect of a person’s personality within seven seconds. However, we are all guilty of making these snap judgments whenever we are introduced to a new person. So, facing the facts, we have to up our game in those first seven seconds. A great addition to any introduction is a warm and comforting smile to let other people know that you mean no harm. I smile is a great way to kick off those first seven seconds.

It Can Make Us Feel Phony

This isn’t just about all the positive aspects of putting on a smile. Many times, when we don’t feel like having a natural smile, we are pressured to put one on anyway. This pressure might come from friends, family, or the pressures that we put on ourselves. Whatever the pressure, when we fake a smile too often, we can begin to feel as if we are faking a large aspect of ourselves— our mood.

It is important to not betray your sense of self and identity in order to fulfill the superficial needs of those around you. This is not to say putting on a smile is a bad thing. It is just important to remember that we never have to fake who we are and how we feel.

It Is a Gift

Another positive aspect of a smile is that it is a gift to all those who see it. With all the studies saying how a smile heightens our own mood, it is much more plausible to consider how it affects others around us. When we smile, we give someone something that can brighten their day. It is always nice to receive a smile from someone you love or even a stranger.

A smile is truly a gift that can be given to anyone with very little effort, and you don’t even need to give anything up.

It Can Hide Your Heart

And a smile sometimes starts to feel like a mask. It is so easy to hide behind a smile, and so many people do all the time. They say it is the happiest acting people who are actually the most depressed. Not in all cases, but it has definitely been true in the past. The problem with having a smile while experiencing a difficult time is that it shields you from the help you need from the people who can give it to you.

There is nothing wrong in asking for support by those who you love. A smile is just a tool, and that tool can be used in positive and negative ways. Do not use it to isolate yourself from those who want to be there for you the most.

It Eases a Situation

In any tense situation, a smile can break through and ease the room. A smile is a sign of being calm and relaxed, and it acts as a signal for others in the room to do the same. If we are able to keep a smile when tensions are getting high, it lets everyone in the room know that you mean no harm and everything is okay. This might be just what everyone needs as mistakes of the situation begin to heighten— a gentle reminder that it will all be alright.

It Can Be Draining

When we are not feeling 100%, the last thing we want to do is to fake a smile to every person who walks by. We see this so often in people who work in jobs that require a level of human interaction, with either co-workers or customers. For either one, we are always pressured to keep a pleasant and cordial attitude and all her interactions. I am not saying to stop this, as it might result in you losing your job. I do believe many people can relate to this though.

While we definitely shouldn’t result in being rude, it should definitely be more socially acceptable for people to admit their mood and ask for others patients. None of us always feel at the top of our game. Sometimes it is more important to conserve your energy for getting things done then to fake your way through this pleasant to small talk.

It is a Constant Test of Confidence

On the other side of this equation, a smile does take energy, but it is a good test of your current state of mind. Most often, we do not feel comfortable smiling our real smile while we do not feel confident in ourselves in someway. When we smile, we are open to more engagement from other people. A smile as an invitation. It challenges us to step out of our comfort zone and engage the world even when we aren’t feeling our best. This can be a good stretch to better ourselves and our ability to connect with others.

We often think that we have to feel great and to be having a wonderful day in order to engage with other people, but having a bad or just ok day is one of the most relatable things that you could have with another person.

It Can Cause To Undermine Your Emotions

Do not undermine your emotions under the pretext of forcing a smile. While our emotions may not be the most logically acting forces, they do happen for good reason.

When we begin to bury our emotions, they begin to affect us on a scale more than we realize. When we confront and deal with our emotions more regularly, we become familiar with how they manifest themselves in our lives.

Further down we bury our emotions, the closer they get to our core— our subconscious. If we wish to understand our emotions on a deeper level, we must confront them as they come in regularly.

Or It Can Help You See The Bright Side

And it is pretty hard to continuously fake a smile. The muscles in your face begin to feel tired or awkward as you continue to wear one. And easier way of keeping a smile is to find a reason to have one in the first place. When we find a reason to have a smile, then we often get one.

Often, that is all we need. We just need to take a moment and put in some actual effort into finding a reason to smile. So many people think that good feelings, moods, and happiness are just supposed to come to you naturally. They don’t. You can’t lie on your back and expect food to appear on your belly. You have to go up, make the food, and eat it yourself. Put in whatever effort you can into finding a reason. When you find a good enough reason, the action will follow.

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