All in Mindfulness

The Traps of Happiness

Is happiness is something that is supposed to be guaranteed? Is it a feeling or something more in the background? Should I wait for it or do I have to actively go get it? Is there some sort of monthly subscription that I have to sign up for? Is there a free trial I can test out first?

Building Unshakable Confidence

While there are some benefits to a certain level of realism with yourself and your capabilities, it’s hard to succeed at any endeavor without having the confidence to back it up.  Your goals don’t have to be just dreams; you can achieve anything as long as you believe in your project and yourself.

Recognizing Your Triggers for Stress

Stress. It’s prevalent at all stages of life, and among everyone. It’s insidious and serious. We know that stress may even exacerbate disease. Most of us know about stress relieving techniques and have seen, and used, them but many people don’t keep up with them consistently…